Next year's Android phones will be equipped with the ability to edit 8K videos via 5G network or unlock two fingerprints at the same time.

Breakthrough features will be available on smartphones 2020
Every year, phones become faster, smarter and more efficient thanks to an internal processor. Qualcomm has launched the Snapdragon 865 chip with a series of new features such as improved 5G speed, support for a 200-megapixel camera, optimized to make the gaming experience on the phone not much different from the desktop ... This chip will be integrated on high-end smartphones in 2020.

Edit 8K videos on 5G network
Currently an 8K video file of 30 seconds can take up to a GB of space and take up to 20 minutes to upload to the "cloud". However, with 5G, upload time will be greatly reduced. Plus online editing software, users can edit this ultra high resolution video and post it to social platforms in just a few taps.

Unlock with two fingerprints at the same time
Qualcomm's 3D Sonic ultrasonic fingerprint sensor launched last year was groundbreaking because it could fit under the screen, but its size was small.

In early December, Qualcomm continued to create a second generation called 3D Sonic Max with the size of 20 × 30 mm, 17 times larger than 3D Sonic (4 × 9 mm). The large sensor makes it easier to locate the fingerprint instead of having to find the sensor position as before, even supporting two-finger fingerprint scanning at the same time, thereby increasing the security.

The screen has a high refresh rate
Most smartphones currently have screens with 60Hz refresh rate. However, some models have higher specifications, such as Asus ROG Phone gaming phones or Sharp AQUOS R3 with 120Hz screens. Google's Pixel 4 also has a 90Hz screen.

The screen has a high refresh rate
However, the ability to refresh on a smartphone screen can increase sharply when the Snapdragon 865 supports speeds up to 144Hz. Scanning frequency represents the display speed in frames per second of the screen. The higher this index is, the faster it appears when opening, closing applications or navigating on the device.

The Google Assistant is more powerful
With the presence of Snapdragon 865, Google Assistant will be "enhanced" thanks to the sensor system that can "listen" to everything around and offer better processing. For example, smartphones using Google Assistant can distinguish the sound of a baby crying, breaking glass or gunfire, then warning from afar if it is in danger.

Direct translation and transcriptions
Translation software, like Google Translate, can translate languages ​​quickly, but is still limited by the processor. However, Qualcomm's most advanced mobile chip when combined with Android 10 will accelerate the translation speed up many times.

The 'window' overlooking the world
With the augmented reality (AR) optimization of the Snapdragon 865, next year's smartphone will be used not only for displaying virtual images on real scenes, but also be upgraded to do more practical tasks, such as watching the actual position of a person when looking at a map, or suggesting a place to eat and drink when the camera "scans" the road standing.

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