Apple Watch Series 5 is expected to not have many upgrades compared to Series 4 version.
Three years after the launch of Watch Series 3 (2015), Apple refreshed its smartwatch with the Watch Series 4 version last year. The Verge says this also means that the next-generation Watch Series (Watch Series 5) will regain the current Watch design but add new materials to the case, such as titanium or ceramic, as some believe. Recent posts.

Compared to older devices, the integration of Apple Watch Series 4 with a series of features such as water resistance, speaker and microphone, direct LTE connection ... has made this device more complete. But this also makes the list of new features that the Cupertino company (USA) can include in Series 5 increasingly narrower.

In fact, Watch Series 4 is not a perfect product. This smartwatch still has poor battery life compared to most competitors in the market, such as the Fitbit Versa line. Besides, Apple's smartwatch line does not have its own app store, sleep tracking feature is still open. The command with Siri is quite annoying, while this is the only real input method on a small screen. "Always-on Display" - a necessary feature that keeps the screen always bright to display the time without manipulation, has not yet appeared on the device, although many other products from Garmin, Samsung, Huawei ... already exist.

According to some experts, these features may appear on Watch this year. It also shows the direction that Apple develops on its wearable product line if integrated.

Apple has stated that the Watch will be "a popular personal device" and that has become a reality when many smartwatches have on their wrists. The design and material make this product aesthetically pleasing to the user. Besides, the closed ecosystem and watchOS operating system created by the US company makes Watch the first choice of hundreds of millions of iPhone users.

In fact, according to Strategy Analytics, the smartwatch's sales accounted for more than half of total smartwatch market sales last year, nearly double the 2nd and 3rd place Samsung and Fitbit plus. again.

However, some experts believe that it is the "top" that makes Watch's competitors are older models. This led Apple not to rush to upgrade for its wearables, making the breakthrough from there also diminished. "Apple will continue to lead the smart watch market with repeated features until there is a worthy competitor," an expert said.

As for the Watch Series 5, the changes are likely to be software-only, meaning that lower-end versions running watchOS will also be updated in the future. Therefore, some analysts recommend that users should use the old version instead of spending extra money to upgrade the upcoming Watch.

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