With the advantages of functionality, luxurious design, enhanced experience, soundbar speakers have been increasingly improved by major manufacturers and launched many attractive options.

Current entertainment technology is increasingly reaching its peak, besides TV or game consoles, soundbar speakers have also become one of the must-have devices of stylish users.

One of the main reasons why the soundbar is not only outdated but also thriving is that this device is very suitable for modern living room spaces.

The difference when putting soundbar in the living room is, instead of the bulky speakers with amplifiers, wires ... the line of loudspeakers makes both the user and the space "very much easier". No need for many wires, soundbar "just plugged in and connected", helps the room landscape more neat, modern and does not require complicated plug and play.

Samsung's QLED 8K TV and Harman Kardon soundbar are the ideal duo for entertainment in modern living rooms.
In recent years, the sound bar has become a direct complement to thin TVs like QLED. The loudspeaker is also very suitable for families with affordable investment, especially in apartments, because it enhances the aesthetics when coordinating, limiting the connection between devices such as conventional speakers.

In addition, when investing in a large screen TV to experience the "real" image, users will be hard to buy an additional sound device worth. Accordingly, the soundbar not only amplifies the sound, but also helps the audiovisual experience at home become more complete.

According to the manufacturer's advice, one of the important factors when choosing speakers for a TV is based on the design, size and productivity of the speakers. Users should choose the same speaker bar with the TV company for compatibility both in style and technology. A good example is the pair "close" of QLED 8K TV and Samsung Harman Kardon soundbar - a product of Korean technology firm and famous speaker manufacturer.

Specifically, the high-end 82-inch QLED Q900R TV will best combine with the Q90R soundbar, the Q70R speaker line is compatible with the QLED Q80R, Q90R and Q900R TVs ranging in size from 55 inches to 75 inches. When investing in audio speakers, Samsung Harman Kardon is a suggestion to help users create a home-like entertainment space.

The duo is equipped with "dual-blade flanges" technology, which is governed by an intelligent system, the Samsung Harman Kardon speakers and QLED 8K TV speakers allow you to enjoy Hollywood movies like in theaters, Vivid music without much tweaking.
In addition to the main speaker bar located next to the TV, you only need to subwoofer and satellite speakers in the appropriate positions, the system will analyze itself, creating 7.1.4 channel standard surround sound effects thanks to up-firing speaker system (ceiling-facing speaker), side-firing (integrated side speaker), combining Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

The factors that help the Samsung Harman Kardon Q Series 2019 sound bar possess the characteristic sound quality that have made its name for decades thanks to being made of special materials in the structure of the diaphragm, copper coil, the combination of the frequency bands of the instruments ... These are the sound analysis results of a team of experienced engineers from Samsung Harman Kardon.

The Samsung Harman Kardon series speakers are designed to be compatible with Samsung's QLED TVs. By connecting wirelessly to the TV, the soundbar leaves no traces of tangled wires, bringing a comfortable space for the family.

The Samsung Harman Kardon series speakers are designed to be compatible with Samsung's QLED TVs.
When using Samsung Q Series 2019 audio speakers, users can control the device from SmartThings or One Remote application for a seamless experience, simple setup, allowing the speaker to play right when needed.

Speakers with Adaptive Sound feature will automatically analyze and adjust to optimize sound effects without the user needing to adjust or complicated settings.
For example, when you play games on different screens, the Samsung Harman Kardon Q Series sound bar automatically makes the sounds sharp in each different display frame, allowing you to immerse yourself in dramatic gaming scenes. , completely focused on the game without spending time adjusting the setup.

With a unique combination with QLED TV, the Samsung Harman Kardon speakers are almost an indispensable accessory for the Korean brand's favorite technology enthusiasts. Therefore, the soundbar became out of fashion a long time before it could happen.

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