Since the smartphone officially dominated the market, there are countless questions about the most popular smartphone that is still the battery.
Most of us listen to the experience of the previous users without knowing that these are no longer suitable, causing misunderstandings about charging the battery. This article will help you have solutions to optimize the battery on your smartphone based on reality.

1. It is not good to charge a fully charged battery pack
This is completely wrong when most smartphones today use standard Lithium ion battery. This battery standard allows you to charge at different battery levels several times a day without worries. You should not charge the battery to 100% and leave it for too long without unplugging it.

2. Newly purchased phone should charge 3 times in a full 8 hours
Some advice if not follow this regulation, not charging or not charging the first 3 times 8 hours The battery will be bottle, soon run out of battery. In fact, the first charging of such battery does not work at all, because the manufacturer has tested the battery before selling products. You just charge the battery as usual.

3. Can charge the battery with backup charger
Backup chargers have the advantage of high mobility, can charge anywhere, the capacity is increasing. It can be considered as an object of separation from people who travel or work far.
However, charging the battery with a charger connected to the power source is still the best. Because this power source is compatible with the machine and manufacturer standards, providing enough power for the battery. And the backup charger is not necessarily enough, so you should only charge it when necessary.

And when charging, when buying, you have to choose a genuine backup charger, ask the seller if it fits the phone charger standard to prevent fire and explosion.

4. Keep the phone connected to the network, Bluetooth during charging
Just because you do not want to "darken" on Facebook, you still have to connect to the network while charging and you believe it does not affect the battery much. You are wrong.
Although you turn off the device while charging, the phone will still work in the background to check mail, messages, update apps, etc. This will cause the device to heat up and affect the battery health greatly.
The best way is to immediately turn off the network connection, Bluetooth during charging and do not use the device until it is fully charged. This will shorten the charging time and be good for the battery.

5. Fully charge to 100% and allow several minutes to fully charge the Battery
Current smartphones will automatically reduce the current to low, almost disconnecting charging when the battery is full. But to avoid unexpected problems and to get the best battery life, you should turn off the charger when the battery is full. And you can charge it many times because the current Lithium battery standard allows this. The best level to maintain battery health is to charge up to 80% and then stop if you do not need much to use. This has been studied seriously.

6. Low battery phone continues to use
The battery of the phone will be weak when the battery level drops to 20%. At this point, the phone will work and so will the battery. If you're not in a hurry, turn off the power until you find a place to charge your phone and the battery. You absolutely must not let your phone power down because it runs out of battery.

For today's new smartphones, this problem is not so serious when it automatically disconnects charging at 80%, and waits until the morning to fully charge 100% for you to use. This is Battery optimization mode.

But the proportion of old smartphones on the market is still very large, and of course, they do not support this mode. Therefore, keeping the phone fully charged 100% without using it in the long run will greatly reduce battery life. You should charge several times during the day to limit overnight charging.

All in all, if you do not have a high demand for smartphones, you just need to leave the battery level at 70-80% is best. You can charge it regularly at all levels and charge it a little repeatedly. As for the battery problem, there is no method that can prevent this, because the battery power science has not reached that level. Moreover, if you use your phone properly and know how to hold it, it might be time for your battery to get bored and want to own a new phone. Any questions, please comment below for enthusiastic support.

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